Green Mortgage Broker PortlandLooking for a straight-forward, tech-savvy lender who will tell it like it is and close your loan faster than you thought possible without stressing you out? That’s me. Green Mortgage Northwest is my own mortgage branch and I run it with low overhead that allows me to pass the savings along to my clients. I have a deep knowledge of sustainability and a degree in mechanical engineering to back it up.

My primary goals are to provide a seamless financing package for you with minimal time and difficulty – buying a house is hard enough! I use electronic signatures for you to sign from anywhere and maintain a paperless office. I haven’t had a late closing in four years and pride myself on my availability and quick response times for my clients. I’d love to show you how easy getting a loan should be!
I live a lifestyle firmly rooted in the outdoors and sustainable living, including commuting by bicycle. Don’t be surprised if I show up to a meeting on my bike! Want to hear what past clients have to say about me? Check out my Yelp reviews or read other testimonials below.


“When I got on line to look for a broker to refinance our house and saw all of these great reviews on Yelp – I thought is this guy for real? Who is this Dakota Gale and how can he have so many five star ratings?!! Well now I know. It’s because he is on it! He responded to all my inquiries in record time. I can honestly say he provides the greatest customer service and that is why I am giving him five stars, just like so many people before me. He gets the job done! I will definitely refer friends and family to him in the future!” – Joanne H.

“We were referred to Dakota through our realtor and were surprised as we put offers on houses that he was so well known and respected by almost every selling agent we spoke to. They all echoed what we experienced which was extremely fast and painless closing of the loan and rapid response to any inquiries. I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a handful as a client, asking many questions, running my own financial analyses and getting into the nitty gritty, however Dakota never blinked and was there with answers to any of my questions and I was blown away with his professionalism and skill. I’d recommend him to anyone even thinking of buying a house and would also recommend him to any selling agents who like a simple, no-worry closing.” – Michael F.

“Dakota helped me with refinancing my house – he was very responsive, answered all my questions and has lots of simple and fast online tools and resources to make coordination a breeze. I highly recommend him!” Jennifer B.

“Dakota Gale is by far the BEST! We found him on yelp with a ton of great reviews and he not only lived up to every great thing that was said, but surpassed all of our expectations. He was knowledgeable, efficient, friendly, prompt, and I could go on an on. I would HIGHLY recommend Dakota to anyone. We will not use anyone else.” -Debbie N.

“We were fortunate to be referred to Dakota by our son. Looking into the whole scenario of refinancing seemed rather daunting at first glance….sixth glance… Dakota’s unending patience and endless good humour saved the day and my sanity. He is extremely knowledgeable and presents all the data in a clear, concise manner. Really could not be more pleased with our choice to contact Dakota, and can not recommend him highly enough.” – G.M.

“Dakota was great. I was really impressed all around. Quick service, great communicator, and he steps in and works for “you”. I really felt as if he treated my refi as he would his own.” – Dan E.

“Dakota was amazing. I had no idea what I was doing and he was really patient with me, quick to respond and answer my questions. More importantly than him being a super great guy is he got me a great deal and made the process fast and easy. I would recommend him to anyone.” – Megan E.

“There is a reason Dakota has a long list of 5-star reviews. Working with Dakota was fantastic. Dakota was on top of all aspects of my refi and made the whole process run smoothly. After running into problems refi-ing with another company, I turned to Dakota and regretted not knowing him sooner. Dakota was efficient and quick and handled everything with out a hitch. I feel fortunate to have been able to work with Dakota, would turn to him again for any further work and will recommend him to everyone i know in Oregon.” – Brian L.

“I have been through the mortgage and refinance process more than a few times. There is no doubt that Dakota was by far the best, especially with a difficult second home mortgage. When I refinance or need another mortgage, I will go back to Dakota.” – David N.

“When I first looked into a lender I chose one of the large banks that I had my checking with. Upon getting the run around, no return calls and reams of paperwork to fill out I switched and gave Dakota my business and was happy I did. The guy is on the ball, very prompt and at no point did I feel I would hit a snag with the loan process. There are enough headaches and things to pay attention to when buying a home and its nice to have a professional who you know who is competent and responsive taking care of the loan process.” – B.K.

“This was my first mortgage, and Dakota was always happy to answer my numerous questions about the process. He even provided me with spreadsheets to help me evaluate my mortgage options by computing exactly how expensive each loan would be in a variety of scenarios with different interest rates and payment schedules. He responded to my emails and calls very promptly and fulfilled my request for a rate lock on a particular day, even though he was swamped with work that day. Dakota uses electronic tools to make it as easy as possible to fill out paperwork. Most importantly, Dakota is proactive about keeping to a good schedule to maximize the chances of a loan closing on time. For example, he arranged a two-phase appraisal process for me, since repairs on the house we bought were completed a short time prior to closing. Dakota works hard to minimize the stress associated with getting a mortgage!” -Michael L.

“Dakota helped us refinance our home earlier this year. He was knowledgeable, responsive, and went out of his way to accommodate our needs, including having the closing paperwork presented and signed in my office. We could not be happier with the experience. I highly recommend him.” – Will P.

“Look no further! You will not regret working with Dakota Gale! He was always available to answer all our questions (we were first time home buyers so we had a lot of questions!) He is very personable and helped look out for our best interest. We will certainly be using him for life and we recommend you do too! Thank you Dakota for making the process of a mortgage the least stressful as possible! We had an overall great experience with you and are so happy in our new home! :)” – KA G

“Dakota is the best. Not only did Dakota make it possible for me to buy my first home for my family, he made the process of getting financing completely transparent and painless. Whenever some aspect of the loan became confusing, Dakota took the time to make everything clear. Best of all, he delivered and received all documents electronically. I was able to submit everything directly from laptop. Didn’t have to fax, mail or drop-off a thing.When we needed to restructure our deal slightly and weren’t sure how to do it, Dakota was immediately available with a solution in hand. To top it off, Dakota spotted the optimum moment to lock our rate and his expertise will save us a significant amount of money over the life of the loan.” – Dustin B.

“I can be a tough customer and Dakota not only put up with me and exceeded my expectations, he actually made my refinance a fun experience. This guy is smart, easy-going, attentive, reasonably priced, friendly, knowledgeable, and just really good at what he does – and no salesman type behavior! He’s there to answer questions and/or offer honest advice when you need it but not pushy. He listens to you, respects your position and will work for your needs. When it comes down the closing it couldn’t have been easier. Soon as I gave him the green light, next thing I knew I was shaking his hand and thanking him for such a stress-free process. Anything that was difficult about this process came from my own initial anxieties that were quickly squashed by Dakota!I’m not one to write reviews, good or bad so know that this guy is rockstar!” – Tracie J.

“I second the sentiment that if there was a rating higher than 5 stars, Dakota would get it. Just completed my second loan with Dakota and I can’t say enough about what a great job he did. Very prompt, thorough, and knowledgeable. He even renegotiated my rate down .25% the day he returned from vacation as market conditions changed abruptly after the “debt crisis” passed. I’ve had much simpler loans take way more effort on my part. Dakota and his team offer great, stress-free service.” – John B.

“What can I say about Dakota Gale? Thanks almost entirely to him, I’ve been living in my amazing house for nearly two months. I was worried about buying a house because I’ve heard endless horror stories about the loan process, but Dakota made everything so easy that I couldn’t understand what all of my friends were talking about. He touched base with me all the time, answered my endless stupid questions without ever making me feel stupid, and got me a far better deal that the bank I was originally going through could have. I couldn’t have been more satisfied with my experience, and will certainly be recommending him to all of my friends.” – Kaci B.

“A friend of mine recommended I use Dakota as my mortgage broker and it was a great recommendation. Dakota is HELLA awesome. I bought my first home from him. I’m always working and I’m nearly always out of town. Dakota made everything so simple and streamlined….he’s kind of amazing. He’s also super available, organized and personable.Recently he contacted me and asked if I wanted to lower my interest rate. I asked what the catch was. Turns out, no catch. He had just found a great deal and offered to help us so we could save money on our monthly payments. Dakota is great at his job and a is great person through-and-through. I’d recommend his services to anyone and everyone. 11 on a scale of 1-10.” – Mina A.